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Dear Info-Marketer,

As an active participant in the information marketing industry, you are well aware that there are plenty of opportunities to increase your profits as you deliver products that people in your market want.

But you are also aware that capitalizing on even a few of these opportunities can be a big challenge.

If you are like most information marketers, you often find yourself in one of the following situations…

  • unsure of what you should do next and in need of clear direction.
  • full of good ideas, but without the focus and time to get them implemented.
  • mindful of what you need to do, but lacking the energy and motivation to get those things done.
  • working in isolation, without the support you could use to have confidence in your course of action and see your plan through.

As you may find yourself in any of these circumstances, don’t beat yourself up over it. You aren’t alone. It’s the nature of the industry to face these hazards.

But, do not allow these circumstances to remain unchanged. You have to take some action to make the most of the opportunities around you.

If you don’t take action, you’ll become stagnant and stuck in a cycle of unproductive results.

You’ll get discouraged. You’ll lose momentum. And, you’ll miss out on a whole lot of money you could be making.

How to Optimize Your Opportunities

So, what can you do to make the most of the opportunities you have in your market right now?

Let’s consider your options…

First, you could seek the advice of a marketing consultant to help you develop a strategy.

Second, you could hire a copywriter to assist you with your workload.

Third, you could do both – talk to a marketing consultant and hire copywriter.

The third option is really the best, because then you end up with both a thought through marketing plan AND a greater level of productivity… something you must have for increased profits.

But working with two different people can be harder than one… and, you can’t be sure just anyone will understand your needs as an information marketer.

In fact, many marketing consultants and copywriters have little knowledge of concepts vital to your information marketing business – such as ascension pyramids, continuity programs, and the sale of backend products…

And that’s where I can help you… to bring you the increased productivity and profits you’re looking for.


A Marketing Strategist and Copywriter in One

As an AWAI and Dan Kennedy trained copywriter – as well as a member of the Information Marketing Association – I’m prepared to give you a strategic advantage.

Not only can I help you identify the opportunities worth your pursuit, I can also deliver the copy you need, so you’re freed up to work in the areas of your greatest strengths, and develop as many opportunities around you as you can.

The net result for you from this kind of leverage is simple: more money coming into your bank account.

Why is it that I can put you in this position? There are a number of reasons…

I have a process for achieving success.
When I advise info-marketers, I never take a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, I approach each case as a diagnostician. I want to know what you desire for your business, what accomplishing your objectives will do for you, and what things will look like when you get to where you want to go. Then, I consider with you what you are doing now – and what new course of action needs to be implemented to meet your goals.

I have a basic governing philosophy for my work.
At the core of my work with clients is the belief that they possess a product, service, or idea that is worthy and needed by some specific market. Then on this basis, I see it as my role to help you develop a strategy to reach your market – using strong copy, a solid offer — and follow-up — via all appropriate media… online, offline and integrated.

I have a commitment to hard work.
I don’t wing it – either as an advisor or a copywriter. I do my homework. I realize that the best response comes from understanding your prospective customer, and being knowledgeable about your product. So I do the studying it takes to learn about them… in order to bring you the best possible results.

I have a reputation for professionalism.
My clients like to work with me. I listen to them, and I’m easy to communicate with. So, my clients usually get from me what they expect. Besides that,I bring a fresh perspective. And I deliver quality copy that’s written to get results – while always meeting deadlines.

Let’s Talk

Remember, there are a lot of opportunities out there you could be capitalizing on.

You probably know already what some of these are. You don’t want to miss them… and I can help you get your share.

By taking me on your team, you’ll get more than just a way to remove some projects from your plate. You’ll also acquire someone who can help you create assets that will increase the value of your business. . . well into the future.

So, contact me right away, and we can arrange a 30 minute complimentary and confidential discussion about your info-marketing business.

After some diagnostic work, I can make some basic recommendations. Then we can go from there to develop an action plan, and the copy to get it implemented.

Greater productivity and profits can be yours.

It all starts with a simple contact.

Go ahead and contact me now by clicking the button below.





David Bostrom
Dominion Copy


P.S. My specialties include alternative health, self-development, current trends and preparedness, and the Christian market. But my interests, experience, and work habits allow me to feel comfortable handling other niches as well. I assure you, if there were some area where I felt out of my depth, I would let you know. So, contact me today. There’s no risk, and this may be just the step you need to start profiting from those opportunities that are currently slipping by.